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Download R is for Ricochet Book ë 363 pages · Sue grafton

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Download R is for Ricochet Book ë 363 pages · Sue grafton ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➣ R is for Ricochet ➢ Author Sue Grafton – Reba Lafferty was a daughter of privilege the only child of an adoring father Nord Lafferty was already in his fifties when Reba was born and heReba Lafferty was a daughter of privilege the only child of an adoring father Nord Lafferty was already in his fifties when Reba was born and he could deny her nothing Over the years he uietly settled her many scrapes with the law but he wasn't there for her when she was convicted of embezzlement and sent to the I finally understand why Beauty was willing to fuck the Beast That was the deal right I mean she was willing to go there wasn't she She didn't know he was going to turn into a humanYou get trapped in a horrifying dirty smelly cell and you're horrified But after a while you get used to the smell like cat owners must because they can't possibly think we don't smell that they have a box of shit in their house when we walk in the door Seriously I've NEVER been surprised when someone's cat walked into the room NEVER and then you start to think maybe a few throw pillows is all that cell needs Next thing you know you are inviting friends to your pad for fondue and game night In other words you get used to thingsCat owners Oh that's so cute and funny Isn't he sweet Non cat owners It's piss Karen An animal just pissed in your houseWell I guess I'm used to this crappy series now because I didn't mind this one too much It was either a lot less crappy than usual or I'm just putting the box of rat shit in the corner of my jail cell at this point and thinking no one will notice like the cat owners So for those of you unoffended dog owners in this book Kinsey actually has a guy like her He was a character from a few books ago that I liked A vice cop Maybe he's also lowered his standards because he gives Kinsey a hair cut because she usually cuts her own hair with nail scissors and says that he likes that she doesn't wear make up wait a minuteDid I just say he gave her a hair cutmy brother was a hair dresser and his boyfriend had made his wife's wedding dress for her I always wondered why she didn't get a clueOkay I'm not saying anything herecough beardcoughHe's also a really great dresser fashionable and he is in great shapeYeah I liked this guy a lot Kinsey better not blow it Kinsey's job in this book is babysitting a rich girl who just got out of prison Kinsey is being paid by dad to 1 pick the girl up 2 keep her on the straight and narrow 3 tell dad if she starts to screw upMuch like in every other part of her life Kinsey fails so hard that it almost lands HER in jail Yeah Kinsey is so desperate for the cool girl to like her that she breaks several laws with this chickShe needs to stick with her usual friend the 80 yr old man who lives downstairsOkay after all of that I realized that I didn't actually like this book I just liked the guy who may or may not be gayPhew that's a reliefI worried myself for a minute there

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It Reba until she settles in make sure she follows all the rules of her parole Maybe all of a week's work Nothing untoward the woman seems remorseful and friendly And the money is good But life is never that simple and Reba is out of prison less than twenty four hours when one of her old crowd comes circling roun Millhone in classic form almost outshined by Reba As with many of Sue Grafton's easy reading tales about Santa Teresa private eye Kinsey Millhone the books starts out pretty slow with Kinsey accepting a straightforward assignment to escort home a newly released parolee from women's prison Reba Lafferty The latter is an appealing young woman with fresh ideas and habits including a past penchant for light drugs booze gambling and her former boss Beck That she landed in the slammer by pleading guilty to embezzlement was a bit of a surprise as it didn't really seem her specialty Anyhow it doesn't take Reba long to re engage most of her old habits including sex with the boss What follows is a bit of a cat and cat game between her and Kinsey who tries in vain to keep things on the up and up The plot per se revolves around Beck's money laundering scheme and whether Reba will testify for the Feds against him Some surprises unfold as the story heats up and ere it's over the women are embroiled in a murder and several nasty crosses and double crosses Somewhat conveniently the cops especially in the form of Cheny Phillips who to our shock has several sexual liaisons with the normally not by choice celibate Kinsey save the day but not before uite a few twists and turns entertain us until the final gasps Even Kinsey in her usual brief epilogue admits Reba just might have been the star of this yarn and indeed rooting for her was much of the fun We have no doubt both fans and those newer to Grafton will enjoy this book If a bit less of the road navigation details wardrobe analysis and octogenarian romantic foibles of landlord Henry and his relatives could be pared down a freuent uibble with this series we just might have one of the better light mysteries of the year Meanwhile a nice summertime read for deck or beach

Sue Grafton ↠ R is for Ricochet Kindle

R is for RicochetCalifornia Institution R is ePUB #186 for Women Now at thirty two she is about to be paroled having served twenty two months of a four year sentence Nord Lafferty wants to be sure she stays straight stays at home and away from the drugs the booze the gamblers It seems a straightforward assignment for Kinsey babys What I shame this book wasn’t “C is for Corpse” an earlier Sue Grafton novel so I could make a clever joke about what the novel really should have been called I can think of several derogatory words that begin with C but none that start with an R The best I can think of off the top of my head is “R is for Ratshit” which is kind of cheatingYes I was less than impressed with this latest effort by Sue Grafton in her alphabetically themed adventures of her heroine Kinsey Millhone a private investigator Why Because it really is INCREDIBLY DULL And Kinsey is also INCREDIBLY DULL This is meant to be a thriller detective novel – what do I care whether Kinsey goes jogging unless something interesting happens along the way What do I care about the romantic problems suffered by her 80 year old neighbour What do I care about the precise details of her outfit Well I’ll tell you – NOTHING This book really made me suspicious that the whole female private eye genre is nothing than Mills and Boon in disguise – the word frisson even lurked in one sentence ready to shock the unwary reader believing she was reading a hard nosed feminist text Okay okay maybe that’s going a bit far Kinsey is certainly much liberated than the average Mills and Boon heroine BUT THE AVERAGE MILLS AND BOON NOVEL IS MORE INTERESTING THAN THIS Maybe I was just crabby when I read this novelperhaps if I’d been a fan of the whole series right from “A is for Aardvarkshit” not the real title I would be enthusiastic about the adventures or not of Kinsey Millhone Gee I can’t wait for “Z is for Zebrashit” to come outThe only interesting thing about this novel is that it is set in the 1980s Grafton deciding not to age her characters in real time And that’s only interesting for its novelty value – how many other novels do you know deliberately set in the 1980s Pity Grafton didn’t chuck in a bit Duran Duran and Milli Vanilli – that could have spiced things up a bit