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Download kindle ☆ Vingt mille lieues sous les mers 394 pages ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➣ Vingt mille lieues sous les mers ➢ Author Jules Verne – When an unidentified “monster” threatens international shipping French oceanographer Pierre Aronnax and his unflappable assistaWhen an unidentified “monster” lieues sous Kindle #180 threatens international shipping French oceanographer Pierre Aronnax and his unflappable assistant Conseil join an expedition organized by the US Navy to hunt down and destroy the menace After months of fruitless searching they finally grapple with their Vingt mille ePUB #186 uarry but Aronnax Conseil and the brash Canadian harpooner Man what a strange book As I've learned from my erudite sister 19th century novelists are all about digression and Verne despite being very solidly camped outside Greatliterarynovelopolis in the growing shantytown of Genreville is no exception Literally half this book is a taxonomic listing of every plant and animal Arronax observes I mean even I was bored Me The nature freak I occasionally review field guides on Goodreads and yet I actually preferred George Eliot's tangents about political economy and local gossipThat said this is a pretty fun book Adventure under the sea Laconic yet cordial sumbarine übermenches thirsting for vengeance and whale milk Canadians Well a Canadian The Canadian He had a harpoon Reading science fiction that describes a future long past is also a hoot especially if you're a huge goddamn nerd Despite accurately predicting the feasibility of a submarine I don't think Verne had actually spent much time in the water The Nautilus navigates not by sonar but by shining a really bright light I think swimming in anything but the most crystalline tropical seas would convince you that wouldn't uite work Every time the crew leaves the ship to go exploring they actually walk on the sea floor instead of swimming One time Cpt Nemo dodges a shark It's kind of hard to dodge slow moving jellies when you're underwater never mind one of Nature's most amazing swimmersThe book is also an interesting balance between technological hubris and an underlying conservationist theme Nemo and presumably Verne decries the repercussions of overfishing when forbidding former harpooneer Ned Land from testing his skill against a pod of Antarctic whales In destroying the southern whale your traders are culpable Master Land They have already depopulated the whole of Baffin's Bay and are annihilating a class of useful animals Leave the unfortunate cetacea alone They have plenty of natural enemies without you troubling them Granted it's a utilitarian anthropocentric kind of conservation ethic but conservationist all the same And yet earlier upon beholding a massive bed of pearl oysters Arronax narrates I could well understand that this was an inexhaustible mine of treasures for nature's power to create goes far beyond man's capability of destruction I doubt Verne set out with any fixed notions of environmental ethics in mind but I find it intriguing that these contrasting sentiments keep popping up I think Verne's apparent ambivalence about the morality of technological advances is intentional The Nautilus is a marvelous creation that Nemo uses to reveal the unknown and better understand the world It's also a vicious instrument of vengeance he employs against his former countrymen or maybe not his countrymen reading some of the other reviews a nearly invincible ship that can sink below the reach of canons and fatally ram any conventional vessel from beneath As a war machine in a world of steam and sail it would be monstrous I also think it's significant that Nemo and the ship meet their apparent end not at the hands of other men or even by an animal but by the unthinking and inestimable power of the sea itself bringing to mind Melville's line from Moby Dickhowever baby man may brag of his science and skill and however much in a flattering future that science and skill may augment; yet for ever and for ever to the crack of doom the sea will insult and murder him and pulverize the stateliest stiffest frigate he can make

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Ned Land are thrown overboard in the attack only to find that the “monster” is actually a futuristic submarine the Nautilus commanded by a shadowy mystical preternaturally imposing man who calls himself Captain mille lieues sous Epub #220 Nemo Thus begins a journey of leagues nearly miles that will take Captain Nemo his crew and these three adventurers on a journey of discovery through I did enjoy this but you could definitely tell it was written in the 19th century during an age of colonialism Some of the chapters were difficult to read because of the incredibly dated and exclusivist language Though for this reason it was also uite interesting to read critically

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Vingt mille lieues sous les mersUndersea forests coral graveyards miles deep trenches and even the sunken ruins of Atlantis Jules Verne’s novel of undersea exploration has been captivating readers ever since its first publication in and Frederick Paul Walter’s reader friendly scientifically meticulous translation of this visionary science fiction classic is complete and unabridged down to the smallest substantive detai As a story of adventure Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea seems a bit dated However even though it is told as a tale of adventure there is to Verne's famous story The science in Twenty Thousand Leagues especially considering the time it was published is amazing We got a sort of psychological account of Captain Nemo but I would have liked backstory on how he got to be the man our protagonist meets What were his accomplishments before he became the recluse we see in the story Still it was an easy read and since I'm now scuba diving in Honduras uite timely 35 stars