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Daisy MillerOriginally published in The Cornhill Magazine in and in book form in Daisy Miller brought Henry James his first widespread commercial and critical success The young Daisy Miller an American on holiday with her mother on the shores of Possible spoiler alert so be careful if you might not want to know the full plot Book Review 4 of 5 stars to Daisy Miller by Henry James a story about a free and unattached American girl who is spending some time in Europe after being removed from American society for some time She unwittingly defies the moral code of European society never realizing it until the very end when she dies All throughout the story “Daisy does what she likes responds to what she likes To the world around her she is a young girl an American girl she represents a society and a sex She is expected to be what she appears whether that is an innocent girl or a fallen woman” Allen 337 In America Daisy was free to roam about flirting occasionally with the men Once she enters Rome though her behavior with a “dubious native is in defiance of the system of curfews and chaperons which the society holds dear” Dupee 298 James sets up the plot of the story by having Daisy run into a man who is also an American transplant Frederick Winterbourne a kind free spirited and unemployed gigolo has lived in Europe for uite a few years searching for an older rich woman to marry When he meets Daisy he is immediately intrigued by the “pretty American flirt” James 102 Once this connection is established Daisy’s innocence becomes the focus of the text In the very beginning “when contrary to the code of Geneva Winterbourne speaks to the unmarried Daisy he wonders whether ‘he has gone too far’ When he attempts to classify her she undermines all of his stuffy and inapplicable generalizations He decides that Daisy may be ‘cold’ ‘austere’ and ‘prim’ only to find her spontaneous and as ‘decently limpid as the very cleanest water’” Gargano 314 Daisy and Winterbourne have now established their relationship at this point; They are attracted to one another and would like to go and see the Chateau de Chillon When Winterbourne asks her to go with him Daisy says with some placidity “With me” Winterbourne responds by respectfully inviting her mother along also However after the flirtatious exchange between the two “Daisy didn’t rise blushing as a young girl at Geneva would have done” James 103 The process in which Daisy loses her innocence begins here However James’s short story is told from the perspective of Winterbourne which overshadows the true story of Daisy’s innocence Readers see and understand Daisy’s actions through Winterbourne’s eyes and actions After Winterbourne leaves town to care for his aunt he and Edna find their way back to each other However Winterbourne is non committal to Daisy because of her flirtatious behavior with him and other men Nevertheless Daisy is not alone when they meet up this time She is dating an Italian man named Giovanelli who is obviously only after her money Daisy continues to see Giovanelli but she also spends some time with Winterbourne Society begins to see that she is involved with both of these two men uite intimately apparently Daisy’s mother thinks she is engaged to Giovanelli but Daisy is also seen out with Winterbourne every once in a while F W Dupee remarks that when societ

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read Daisy Miller mobi Ô Paperback ☆ ❮PDF❯ ✸ Daisy Miller ✍ Author Henry James – Originally published in The Cornhill Magazine in 1878 and in book form in 1879 Daisy Miller brought Henry James his first widespread commercial and critical success The young Daisy Miller an American originSwitzerland’s Lac Leman is one of James’s most vivid and tragic characters Daisy’s friendship with an American gentleman Mr Winterbourne and her subseuent infatuation with a passionate but impoverished Italian bring to life the g WINTRY DAISIES I rarely discuss plot and doing so in a book on which so much has been written seems to me like jumping into a bottomless pitBut I was sad no; I ought to say that it irked me that Henry James had her Annie ‘Daisy’ die at the endFor I was becoming and interested in her Was she a superficial and provincial flirt Or was she extremely modern and free in her defiance of stringent rules For even if the stiff Winterbourne when faced with a similar riddle eventually took the first possibility I was leaning towards the second as the book advanced and James decided to uproot the fascinating spring flower as the wintry clouds approached and began threatening herAs this was James’ first true success I also wondered at what exactly had appealed to his contemporary readers

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Reat Jamesian themes of Americans abroad innocence versus experience and the grip of fate As Elizabeth Hardwick writes in her Introduction Daisy Miller “lives on a figure out of literature who has entered history as a name a vision In one of James’s most famous works an aging bachelor follows around and obsesses over whether or not a young American girl at the same Swiss resort as he is innocent or vulgar Again and again Winterbourne a longtime American expat alternates between talking directly with Daisy Miller the figure at the novel’s center and summing up her character with his aunt The plot’s dry but swift and much of the social commentary is now commonplace